Test Performed By Joseph Weinwurm, B.Sc., ART
Bio-Media Unlimited Ltd.
125 Brisbane Road, North York, ON Canada M3J 2K3
Laboratory Phoenix BioMedical Inc.
7085 Tomken Road, Mississauga, ON Canada L5S 1R7
Purpose To determine whether the SilentAir Air Purifier will improve an already very clean environment of a leading plastic industry manufacturer of "Sterile Petri Dishes."
Test Results There were 13 different measurements obtained from critical areas of the sterile Petri dishes manufacturing. They were expected to be higher than 10 and not higher than 100 parts/million/ft3. Calibration was performed prior to each reading. The production manufacturing is in compliance with a very clean production under High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter systems.

On first occasion the air particulate measurement was taken to determine and confirm the expected higher counts before the SilentAir Air Purifier was turned on as an additional system. After two weeks of continuous production with an addition of a single SilentAir unit, the last four measurements yielded a reduction from an average of 41 particulates to 2 particulates/million/ft3. Such results suggest improvement of 95% in an already pretreated room.
Conclusions The SilentAir Air Purifier activity satisfies the highest clean air standards today.

In addition to its efficiency, the unit is silent and requires virtually no maintenance other than replacement of the Dielectric Collection Sheet.
Acknowledgment The author wishes to express appreciation for the permission and cooperation of the owner of Phoenix Medical Products, Mr. Esaat Iskander. More importantly, the test data was provided for evaluation by Ms. Jolanta Bylica, M.Sc., Production Quality Control Co-ordinator, to whom the author is greatly indebted.

The difference between filtering air and purifying it.