Step 1 – Ionization process
Negative ions are produced in nature and are found at their most optimal levels where the air is naturally clean. This can explain why we feel refreshed and so revitalized when we are in the mountains, near a waterfall or ocean side. Numerous studies show that negative ions are beneficial to our physical health and well being. The SilentAir with it's microprocessor controlled high voltage transformer imitates nature and releases negative ions into the air.

Step 2 – Purification process
When the SilentAir air purifier disperses negative ions into the air they attach themselves to the millions of irritants flowing in the air. This action causes the suspended irritants to aggregate or clump together. SilentAir utilizes air convection or "natural air circulation caused by temperature differential" to circulate the air. As the negatively charged irritants are drawn towards the SilentAir air purifier, they are pulled in by the positively charged collection sheet. This electrically charged collection process is known as the Coulomb Force.

Stage 3 – Collection process
The airborne irritants are captured and held on the collection sheet. We recommend 24/7 operation of the air purifier all year round. When the indicator light flashes, simply change the collection sheet and discard the used one. Simple and easy disposable collection sheets guarantee removal of all the irritants captured on the sheets.

The difference between filtering air and purifying it.