As in any household appliance, regular cleaning and inspection is recommended.
Collection Sheet See page on Changing the Collection sheet. Click here.
Before You Start Turn air purifier off and unplug from electrical outlet. Lay the unit down on its back on a flat surface. Remove the front cover.
Main Body Wipe the main body and cover clean with a damp soft cloth. By maintaining a clean unit, the collection of contaminants to the collection sheet will be maximized. At times, dust around the unit will be noticed. This dust consists of larger contaminants that generally fall to the floor and are vacuumed. The smaller more harmful airborne particles are effectively drawn into the air purifier.
Ionization Line Over time a build up of contaminants on the ionization line may occur which will hinder the performance of your air purifier. Wipe down the ionization line with a clean, soft cloth. Be careful not to snag and break the ionization line. If you find contaminants have caked on the ionization line, remove the ionization line completely and place it on a soft cloth flat on top of a table. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean soft cloth to gently swipe the ionization line in one direction until it is clean.
Aluminum Plates

Please keep the aluminum plates clean to optimize the purification process. Over time you may notice the Aluminum Plates discolor or develop white pitting. This is a normal condition due to Corona Discharge (the reaction of positive and negative ions). This occurrence may increase in higher humidity environments. The discoloration and pitting will not hinder the performance of the air purifier.

Dielectric Collection Sheets This thinly engineered woven polyester sheet holds a positive charge, which attracts, traps and holds the airborne particles that are most harmful to your health. The Dielectric Collection Sheets must be changed at least once every month. Environments are different, and under certain circumstances, you may have to change the collection sheets more frequently. If the collection sheets does not show dirt after a month, do not be concerned. Always change the sheet. The collection sheet is collecting microscopic contaminants that are normally invisible to the naked eye. It is an accumulation of these tiny contaminants that would make them visible on the collection sheet. As long as the green power light is on, you can be assured your SilentAir air purifier is constantly purifying the air.

The difference between filtering air and purifying it.